BBC Four Dancing Cheek to Cheek:

An Intimate History of Dance with Len Goodman

Choreographer and featured dancer 'Where Were You' music video for by 'Britains Got Talent' finalists The Mend. Pulse Films. 

Creative Consultant and Assistant Dance captain on the NHS section of the 20112 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Choreographer 'I Don't Wanna Rush' by FineArt

Choreographer "The Circle' Levis commercial.
Director: Jake Nava Cherry Films

Choreographer "KFC Let the Good Times Roll'

Director: Jake Schreier Park Pictures

Choreographer'That Feeeeling'

Star Alliance advertisement

Director: Mico Beyer

Agency: Atomic

Choreographer: 'Rituals And Dance' Commercial for Youtube. Director: Jake Nava Cherry Films.

Choreographer: 'Most Of The Boys' music video.

Artist: Sasha Siem.

Choreographer and featured dancer on music video for 'Ill Be Your Angel' by Kira.

Choreographer (with Gary Nurse)
Intolerant Champion' Guinness commercial  

Director: Jake Nava Cherry Films

Choreographer 'Google Pixar Dance off' commercial
Director: Jake Nava Cherry Films

Choreographer Fall/Winter Campaign with Milla Jovovitch.

Director: Jake Nava Cherry Pictures

Choreographer M&S Christmas Commercial

Director: Jake Nava Cherry Productions

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